BJSD-2E Laser Tunnel Section Detector_Opto-Electronics



BJSD-2E Laser Tunnel Section Detector


The instrument is mainly used for the fast and precise detection of tunnel section, especially for construction monitoring, completion and acceptance, quality control and so on.

Product functions

Use high-precision angle encoder and rangefinder;
Record at least100 sets of section data without notebook PC on site;
Operations including data processing, plotting and reports can be achieved with post-processing software.

Main features

Integrated design, small size, light weight, easy to operate;
High precision and reliability; Damp proof and anti-smoking, etc;
Manually or automatically adjust the measuring angle of the probe
One measuring probe will be ok;
Powerful and professional post-processing software;
Well-designed battery clip for replacing the backup battery;
Auto measure instrument height.

The main technical parameters

Detection radius:(0.2-60) cm
Detection accuracy:± 1mm
Detection time:less than 3 minutes
Detection azimuth:30 ° ~ 330 °
Section data recorded in one measuring time:more than 100 groups
Data transmission:USB
Standard configuration:two batteries which can be easily replaced