BJSD-3 Laser Tunnel Section Detector_Opto-Electronics



BJSD-3 Laser Tunnel Section Detector


This instrument owns all the functions of BJSD-2 tunnel section detector; In addition, it can also realize the front and rear section measurements, blasthole indication, surrounding rock convergence measurement and other functions. It makes the job of the construction units and supervision units easier in tunnel construction and tunnel inspection.

Product functions

 Detect the front and rear tunnel section quickly;
 Deformation measurements: such as convergence measurement;
 Light-spot (blasthole) indication and tunnel contour sampling.

Main features


Self-developed PDA : Damp proof and anti-smoking;
 Friendly interface and easy to operate;
 Store the standard section data, and make comparison between current data and standard section data, and real-time display overbreak and underbreak data;
 Use high-precision angle encoder and rangefinder;
 Use special designed PDA without notebook PC on site;
 Powerful post-processing software: easy operation and auto create reports;
Auto measure instrument height.

Main technical parameters 

Detection radius:(0.2-60) cm
Detection accuracy:± 1mm
Detection time:less than 60s
Detection azimuth:30 ° ~ 330 °
Angular resolution:0.01°
Angular accuracy:better than 0.1 °
Section data recorded in one measuring time:more than 5000 groups
Data transmission:USB
Front and rear sections detection distance:50m