BJLF-1 Crack Integrated Detector_Opto-Electronics



BJLF-1 Crack Integrated Detector


Crack integrated detector is mainly used for crack width and crack depth measurement of bridges, tunnels, buildings, roads and so on.

Main features

Professional design
    Standard probe and high grade probe;
    Two detection methods: standard and simple depth measurement.
    Standard ultrasonic transducer bracket, precise and adjustable; free from scene marking-out, which can greatly improve the detection efficiency. 
    Image automatic recognition and width intelligent computing technology; crack position without adjustment; 
    Crack automatic identification and calculation; real-time display; 
Human-computer interaction
    Friendly human-computer interactive interface
    Various built-in various helpful files and demo videos facilitate the users to conduct skilled instrument operation.
Mass storage
    4GB large-capacity SD card can store more than 100,000 data;

Main technical parameters

Hardware Platform:Embedded ARM9 Hardware Platform,WinCe5.0 Operating System,True Color TFT Touch Screen
Crack Width Test Range:Standard Probe: 0.01mm~6.5mm;
Crack Width Test Accuracy:Standard Probe:≤±0.02mm
Crack Depth Test Range:10mm~500mm
Crack Depth Accuracy:≤±5%
 Image Storage Format:BMP or JPEG
Power Supply:Rechargeable Lithium Battery
Working Time:≥28 Hours
Working Temperature: -10℃~+50℃
Working Humidity ≤90%RH