BJQN-V Non-contact Multi-points Dynamic Displacement Inspection System_Opto-Electronics



BJQN-V Non-contact Multi-points Dynamic Displacement Inspection System


The BJQN-V can not only detect static and dynamic displacement for bridge spans, piers, pylon, but also can realize real-time, long-term monitoring for tunnels, dams, high towers, ancient cultural relics and other structures.

Working Principle

The fundamental technology is often referred to as Digital Image Correlation (DIC).  It can take precise measurements using camera and can real-time provide 2D dynamic displacement across a region of interest or a whole object.

Main Technical Parameters

Object range:0.01mm~300m
Resolution:1/100,000 of object range
Operating direction:2D deformation (vertical deflection and horizontal displacement)
Points:arbitrary points and real-time measurement
Frequency:110HZ(8 points)
Working Time:≥8h
Data Analysis Software:
l  Automatic calibration, real-time display, video function.
l  It includes factors: max and min value, impact coefficient, frequency, power spectrum, damping ratio, attenuation coefficient, filtering, shift and other functions.

Main Features

 Easy to use: no need to install any markers, save time, fast to measure after erection.
 High technology: real-time data display and high speed 2D measurement.
 Large measurement range: several hundred meters as large as whole bridge. 
 Powerful function: records video, add user-defined points.
 Strong Anti-disturbance: avoid environment influence, such as eliminating vibration of instrument and weather affection. 
 Man-machine separation: remote control with a hundred of cables, self-control.
 Long-term monitoring:wireless data transmission, 24h monitoring