BJQF-V Non-contact Structural Surface Defects Detection System_Opto-Electronics



BJQF-V Non-contact Structural Surface Defects Detection System


The BJQF-V is a perfect solution to precision measurement of surface defects for large structures and civil engineering projects, including bridges, roads, concrete structures, dams, nuclear power plant and so on.

The BJQF-V can measure surface defects from a distance of 5 meters to 100 meters based on image processing technology. It can detect crack width, crack length, leak, deterioration, exfoliation and delaminating. 

Working Principle

Based on visual image technology and high accuracy CCD camera, it can recognize image of surface defects, grasp the defects features, and then provide crack width, length and other calculated information for inspected object. 

Main Features

Reduce human errors by recognizing cracks automatically.

No scaffold, no bridge inspection vehicle, short work time.

Adjustable observing area.

Automatically tracing function.

Intelligent calibration method: No calibrator such as scales, to attach on the structure surface.

Anti-air turbulence algorithm: suitable for different environment situation.

MDB database: more than100, 000 pieces, suitable for long-term inspection.

Image conjunction for large defects.

Main Technical Parameters







Operating angle

Vertical -70° +90°

Horizontal: 0-360°

Operating temperature


Operating humidity


Working Time